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As a small software company hailing from the world of startups, we always had to impress with our most important asset - excellent software.

It is our personal goal to inspire our customers with outstanding solutions. From planning, conceptualization, design, development to support and further development of our customer projects - we tackle all projects with full vigour.

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  • Team vor dem Whiteboard

    Communicating your Vision

    We'd love to work with you on bringing yours ideas to paper and get ready for the next steps in your project's journey!

  • Team beim Meeting

    Time & Resource Planning

    One of the most important parts in creating something is thorough planning. We are no wonder workers - but we can help you estimate the extent of the software solution you are looking for.

  • Michael am PC vor einem Web Design

    UX & UI Design

    Software has to be fun! And for that to be possible, extensive planning, research and design has to happen. We'd love to help you with that and make sure your customers love your project just as much as you do!

  • Zwei Teammitglieder arbeiten gemeinsam


    #welovesoftware - that's our motto, and we mean it! We pride ourselves in the software we develop. It doesn't matter if it's our core business - mobile and web applications - or something different altogether, we are looking forward to any adventure!

  • Sabina am Meetingtisch

    Ongoing Support

    After your project goes live, we will of course take care of any maintenance work. We'd also love to support you in any further development or planning.

  • Online Konferenz

    Internal Infrastructure

    Communication inside a team of any size can be a challenge. We'd love to support you in choosing the correct tools for you and your company and help you set them up properly.

  • Team vor dem Whiteboard


    We'd love to hold workshops about our focal points - storyblok, web development & app development - and their respective technologies to swiftly prepare your team for proper and efficient application in your own projects. Down below you can find a more detailed list of the technologies we use :)

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Let's build something!

You have a great idea or simply need help with an existing project? Then let's have a coffee and talk about it ;)